This is my photo blog of 2006. I use this blog to show photos that otherwise would not have made it to this site as well as having a place to write about what I do. I hope you find the blog interesting or at least not irellevant. If you have any suggestions or would like to contact me you should do it through email.
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Sune P.


Sunday december 3 2006 - annoying christmas, new material for visuals and Søvnig Mandag

The beginning of december has brought christmas madness over us the central Aalborg has been transformed into a commercial fairground getting your attention in the probably most annoying way possible, why does this christmas advertising have to lack taste so much?

Well fortunately good things are happening. Yesterday at the first of three tidens toner events, Trentemøller headlined the night at Studenterhuset, but great performances were made by Terry Poison, Kjeld Tolstrup and Jakob Schmid. I did visuals the whole night, except for Terry Poison. I used it as an excuse to make some new material for my visuals. I have been thinking about the impact of faces for some time now and I wanted to have some faces just staring into the camera. So I asked a lot of my friend if they would participate and fortunately they accepted, so thank you to everyone for participating. Todays photos are actually screen grabs from the material I have recorded and am using for my visuals.

Tomorrow Søvnig Mandag will take place at Studenterhuset 20:00 - 24:00 Come if you are curious and want to meet people who make music or visuals, or if you want to participate and meet fellow music/visuals geeks in case you want to participate come a bit earlier, ie. 18:00. It will be exiting to se who shows up and what happens.


November 21 2006 - Displayground, Calendar and Sleepy Monday

Here is a picture for those of you who could not come to the displayground event last month, unfortunately I could not shoot that many pictures because I was very busy during the event, but here is one picture that illustrates the setup.

I have also re added my calendar, since someone made me aware of the fact that it was quite strange to have a calendar where only past events were present. so Now I will have to see if I can keep updating the calendar... I can at least recommend everyone in Aalborg the first weeks of december to go to Studenterhuset to listen to some great music and watch my visuals, I will be making visuals the first three saturdays of december.

YES it is true Sleepy monday will reappear december 4 @ Studenterhuset! come if you are curious or want to participate, the event wil start at 20:00 so come, listen and watch. If you want to participate I would like you to come a bit early eg. at 18:00 to help setup everything

That's it for now.

Friday November 3 2006

Wow the festival that I have forgotten to mention here is well over and finally I have some relaxed time if you are curious about the festival, go to there you can read about the programme and in general feel sorry for missing it.

I would like to thank everyone who made this event possible, in no particular order:


Sea of Tranquility
and the Streamfight team

Artists providing works:

Maria Paz - Cool live performance as well!
Gregers Kirkegaard
Henrik Lind Jensen
Lise Borup
Henrik Busk
Sonja Strange
Camilla Helsted-Bornæs & Maja Gade Christensen
juanjo Fernadez
Stine Kvam


Jakob Schmid
Pol mod Pol
Jens A
Sgnl Fltr
Aalborg Terror Crew
Svenning og Fuglekongen
Christian S

Thanks to everyone, not least all the volunteers, without you this would not have been possible or as amazing as it turned out! Thank you!

I still have alot of pictures to go through from the weekend, so you will see them as I get an overview, in the meantime you can enjpoy a photo of Barbara going into the water at skagen to get close up footage of the waves at Skagen where Gregers, Barbara and I went the other day to shoot pictures and get some air... we got some nice pictures and wet and cold feet.

Tuesday october 10 2006 - Urlyd

Something interesting is about to happen!

Saturday October 7 2006 - I need your vote!

Vote for my picture to appear in issue 8 of jpg magasine.

Friday October 6 2006 - reveberation chamber revisited

Last saturday I went back to the reverberation chamber, It is a fantastic place. along with me came among others Barbara who began singing in the chamber, it sounded amazing. We have agreed that we should go back soon to record the fantastic sound in there, so check back for some new music soon hopefully.

Wednesday September 27 2006 - Photomarathon

On august 26 the event photomarathon took place. I participated, since is sounded like fun to shoot pictures and get new subjects given during the day. You have to shoot 12 pictures in 12 hours and you are given 4 subjects at a time, starting at 11 with the first four, then at 15 four more and finally at 19 you get the last four subjects.

It was really fun, I met a lot of cool people who all kindly posed for the camera. My idea were to find a magasine og newspaper that fit the subject and then find a person to hold the magasine that are somewhat in contrast to the subject, some of the subjects were easy to find a good combination, others were hard. But I thank all who participated, it went well, I came in third! you can see my pictures as well as the other winners at fotomarathon

unfortunately I could not attend the ceremony since I were in venice but I am glad that I participated.

Monday September 4 2006 - Venezia second day

Wow we are working hard to get ready for the opening Saturday. Hard work is done, more rugged tools are in use than I am used to, but I make sure to enjoy views as they appear. Here are some pictures from yesterday and the day before. the first photo is of the island where we stay and the last is of course shot out of the window of the airplane. More to come the coming days.

Sunday September 3rd 2006 - Venezia

Wow after a troblesome trip yesterday, we have finally arrived at Venice. due to wrong information we missed our connecting flight from Frankfurt, but were lucky that we could get another flight later that same evening. Today we are at the construction site, here is beautiful. The picture show the neswspaper delivery man... this way of delivering newspaper is a bit cooler than the danish way using bike. More updates to follow.


Sunday august 13 2006 - Upcode

Ysterday, the upcode festival was held at huset. one of the highlights of the evening was Tone and BandAne that made a nice set together.

Wednesday august 9 2006 - Bindslev

Today I went to Bindslev, I noticed this abandonned toilet next to the old electric installations.

Wednesday July 11 2006 - Rocket number nine

Yesterday I went to Stubnitz to listen to Rocket Number Nine it was a nice concert and a nice night, Stubnitz is an interesting place to explore and the view at this locatoin is not bad either. On my way home I got arty doing some slow shutter shots out the window of the bus.

Saturday July 1 2006 - Sofie wins Rock Nord Prisen

Today Sofie aka Tone won the Rock Nord Pris, Really cool that her electronic kind of quality music can win such a prize! congratulations!

Sunday June 25 2006 - Viking Market

Yesterday I went to the viking market at Lindholm Høje, we came quite late so everything was closed, but at least I met a real viking, and he allowed me to shoot a photo of him... thanks!

Tuesday June 20 2006 -

Some time ago I asked what to do with Today I decided to use it to show photos of people I have met or know, that I have shot photos of that I like. so go check it out!

Monday June 12 2006 - Acoustic reveberation chamber

Yesterday I went to the secret reveberation chamber it is fantastic! I went there with Eva and Sune H it is allways fun to introduce the chamber to new people, they get really surprised.

Saturday June 10 2006 - Chillin' at kilotons place

Today I Went to Mads place with yngve to hang out and play music, at times it was good and at other times it was similar to a monotonous industrial site. We had fun and I got this idea for some new kiloton pics, here is one of them.

Saturday June 10 2006 - BBQ at Sofies place

Yesterday we all went to Sofies new patio to have a bbq and enjoy the nice weather. Sofie shot the pic where I appear with Mads and Yngve.

Wednesday June 7 2006 - Lecture on visuals at the University

On friday I wil give an open lecture on visuals and the way I make visuals at the Multimedimania event at Aalbor university. I will give exampels showing the development of the software as well as style over the past five years, ending with a demonstration of the current state of the software and performancestyle. The lecture begin at 14:00 and is open to everyone. The location is Niels Jernes vej 14, 9220 Aalborg Ø. For more info on the event, check the website of multimedimania Come by if you are curious!

btw. I recycled the photo of Tone playing at Way up North, she is not part of the performance, I just needed a photo of my visuals.

Tuesday June 6 2006 - Århus Spot festival

This weekend iI went to the spot festival. It was my first time at spot and my first festival since Sonar two years ago where I was not performing one way or the other. I had completely forgotten how stressfull it can be to go to a festival, you have to move around all the time and be annoyed that you constantly mis a concert you would like to attend - Go figure: 103 concerts in two days, spread over eight venues round Århus!
Of course the first concert we wanted to attend everyone else wanted to go to as well, so we could not get in.
Fortunately saturday began with laid back electronica in Musikhuset with nice comfortable seats, what a relaxed experience, on the first photo, you see Sofus Forsberg and his saxophone player, they made a really great performance, a good way to start the day.

In Århus I stayed at Thomas place, so when we went home after a day and evening full of music, we made this ghost like photo of him in a quiet street.

saturday may 27 2006 - Carnival train to New Zealand

Today I went from Aalborg to copenhagen of course the train was filled with happy and quite a bit drunk people. Of course I could have predicted that on the carnival day, the day every year where all of Aalborg goes nuts! but I got a seat before Århus.
I was fortunate to meet with a group of railway enthusiasts from Auckland New Zealand on a tour around the world to ride trains. Their company made the travel so much more enjoyable and it felt a lot shorter. I got them some danish strong salt liqourice that some of them had never previously tasted and now some of them will probably try to avoid tasting it again.


Wednesday may 24 2006 - Finally a decent picture of me

Today I once again met with Yngve for a cup of coffee, In my happines over my recent rediscovery of high contrast postpocessing, I brought my camera. Yngve shot a few frames and this is one of them. I look a bit grumpy, I am not grumpy, so come say hello if you see me around!

Sunday May 20 2006 - Sunday Photo Shoot

Yesterday I was asked to some landscape photos for Metopos, so I went out and shot some photos, but they kind of sucked since it was raining and being grey, but the weather forecast promised that the weather today would be worse so I went out yesterday. Fortunately the forecast this morning promised sun, and the sun appeared so I went out again today and got some nice photos. After the shoot, I went to Trine, Sune and Silas to eat and process the photos, as you can see from todays pictures, it is nice to combine work with pleasure, but it can be qite hard work for the parents... good work in this case!

Thursday May 11 2006 - Summer

It has now begun being summer... fantastic, the other day I was in copenhagen and took a harbour tour, it was really nice.

Monday May 1st 2006 - Moods & Grooves

It has been a pretty busy week since Way up North, I went to copenhagen to do some work and to make visuals for the moods and grooves event set up by my good friend Nathan. He had managed to get his friend Brad Peterson and Detroit House legend Mike Grant to Denmark. He had set up two events, One at Culturebox in Copenhagen and one at Studenterhuset in Aalborg. For the copenhagen event I just made a DVD since the setup available there is not very well suited to my style of doing visuals. But in Aalborg I could reuse the setup from Way up North to create a cool setup using relatively few means. Todays photo is from the Aalborg event saturday with Nathan and Brad behind the decks. My visuals set saturday were more minimal simple than usually, having great use of the abstract capabilities of my visuals system. Thanks to nathan for setting up such nice events... He threatened that it was his last performance in Aalborg! let's see what can be done to avoid that.

Monday April 24 2006 - Way up north

This weekend the festival for local bands in Aalborg was held at studenterhuset. It was as usual a nice experience, where lots of more or less experienced bands performed. I did visuals friday at the electronic stage, Where Svenning & fuglekongen, SilentBoom, Aesthetic collaboration and Vektormusik performed. Saturday I made visuals for Tone aka Sofie, who was nominated for the Rock Nord award which gives her a performance at the Nibe Festival. I also made a visual loop for the singersongwriter evening at the same stage, very improvised it featured close up video of some flourecent lights at the basement of studenterhuset.

Saturday April 15 2006 - Wedding... delayed announcement

Last thursday my good friend Sune called and asked if I could shoot pictures for him for half an hour or so the following day, you know around 11:20. When I said I could, he said: "we are getting married" so I went to perpetuate their wedding. Along with Silas I witnessed Trine and Sune getting married.
congratulations! I hope you will get a happy marriage and that you will grow old together. I believe you are good for each other and your happines were a pure joy to witness at the old town hall.

Friday march 31 2006 - H2PIA

Yesterday the exhibition H2PIA, an exhbition on the vision of a hydrogen community, opened in Herning. I made the videoinstallation at the center of the exhibition, it was the talented architects at Metopos who got me involved in the project. I re-mounted the flash-movie from the website and mounted it in a three screen installation adding real footage to give the presentation more impact, it was a nice job. On the photo, you can see Trine from metopos in front of the installation showing the renders metopos put in context by adding human elements and living surroundings.

Monday March 13 2006 - Band photos in cold weather

This saturday I was out shooting pictures for a band. I had found an amazing location one thing though was the weather that was extremely cold... brrr. I have gotten a cold and so has at least parts of the band, I hope you will survive. I took the chance after the band left to fool around with Yngve and Danni and shoot pictures of each other it appears that Danni and Yngve should form a boy band, at least they have matching outfits. I suggest DYngWE as a suitable name for the band. It was as a good opportunity for me to get a shot of myself, this is actually almost a shot of myself by myself, thank you Yngve for releasing the shutter.

By the way, you can listen to Yngve spinning records at 1000fryd next tuesday at the soupkitchen. Entrance is free, but remember there is only a limited amount of servings for dinner so sign up for eating... the food is usually excelent and the price is right: 20dkr for a meal.


Sunday March 5 2006 - Vektormusik

Yesterday I went to experience Vektormusik at studenterhuset. As always they made a great performance with some of their excelent music.


february 28 2006 - Le Petit Orb

Last thursday I went to experience Le Petit Orb, It was a nice concert with some nice elements. But the DJ'ing lacked quite some afterwards, it appeared that Alex Patterson was quite drunk and it showed in his mixing. Thomas Fehlmann kept it together and saved the show the best he could.


Wednesday february 15 2006 - Mads on Mars

This saturday a nice trilogy of concerts took place at Studenterhuset. the lin up was Mouse on Mars headlining warm up by Jab mica och el and Kiloton, Jakob Schmid and Yngve where behind the decks between the acts.. Mads aka Kiloton is one of my good friends and I know how big idols Mouse on Mars are to him so it was a very special event to him. Mads was all electric when he came of stage after having performed a fantastic consert with some amazing new tracks, go to his website to download some of the tracks.Jab Mica och el were sort of weird but they fitted in nicely withe their silly kindergarten vs. electronica music. Mouse on Mars made a nice partystarter set, with some very heavy beats - nice nice. To sum up the saturday: great evening, more evenings like that, please!

Yesterday it was my turn to play music I played records at 1000fryd at the klub taktlös event, a very nice evening indeed.


Friday January 27 2006 - Apparantly I live somewhere in the arctics

Today I got an early call from Bo who said that the weather was fantastic... It was! So to keep up my tradition of shooting Aalborg sky line I went out to do so. But the really nice thing about today was that Sune and I (we are both called Sune) went to see the result of the competition about what should be done to Nordkraft. The exhibition was on display just across the water from Nordkraft and today the scenery was spectacular! At one time when you looked at Aalborg you could not see it bacause of the fog, only the tallest towers were visible. So I have gone a bit mad and is today displaying 5 pictures, I hope you like them.


Monday January 23 2006 - Still cold... but beautiful

Today I did something new... I went down to the fjord to watch it in the fantastic winter weather. And Once again Portland looked amazing so here it is once again. It is a rare sight to have such a still fjord. The ice is beginning to come even though it is very thin.


Saturday january 14 2006 - the snow has melted away

The last couple of days, the weather has been warmer and the snow has gone. It is good that it is no longer cold but I do recall the snowy landscape being really pretty, therefore I post this photo of a both foggy and snowy harbour.

I will also point to secretum meum mihi which is a blog at live journal... apparantly this blog was found in search for info on Efterklang funny how the web and search engines can uncover common interests across distances.


Monday January 9 2006 - fools on bikes

Yesterday I went out to shoot some of my friends that do absolutely silly stuff on bikes, I wonder why they do not get hurt more... they must have at least some sort of control over what they are doing.

I will leave it to the alert reader to figure out where the bike riding was performed.

Tuesday january 3rd 2006 - Fog & Frost

Today I got a phone call from Trine, she said that I should go to the harbour and shoot some pictures. When I came down there I noticed why she had called med, it was simply amazing. Dense fog and frost all over.


Monday January 2nd 2006 - Cold

Today the weather has been very cold, cold but beautiful. The light and water at the harbour looked fantastic.


Sunday January 1st. 2006 - Happy newyear

Well that was the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006. 2005 one second longer than 2006 will be. I spent the ekstra second at Nørrebro, Copenhagen with good friends.

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