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This is my photo blog. I use this blog to show photos that otherwise would not have made it to this site as well as having a place to write about what I do. I hope you find the blog interesting or at least not irellevant. If you have any suggestions or would like to contact me you should do it through email.

Sune P.


Tuesday December 13 2005 - A seagull at the pier

Today I saw a seagull at the pier.


Monday December 12 2005 - Yngve in metal

Today I met up with Yngve to discuss a design for a future project... what it is will be revealed when it is ready, but I believe it will be pretty cool.


Saturday November 26 2005 - Metopos

This thursday the new Urban & Landscape design company Metopos won two first prizes in the competition "Strategier for udsatte boligområder", Congratulations from here!


Thursday november 24 2005 - Vektormusik

One week ago today, I went to Studenterhuset to listen to the Vektormusik part of the 75th anniversary of Nordkons, it was a nice concert even though the sound could easily have been a bit louder. I can only recommend getting their EP it is fantastic, I guess that is what Kristoffer is trying to do on the second photo. Untill you get the chance to buy their record hurry to their website and download the tracks they have for free download.


Friday November 11 2005 - Digital art in Tingbæk Kalkminer

This saturday I went to Tingbæk Kalkminer to experience digital art. It was the first time I saw the mines, and the place is truely spectacular. In the mine, there is a lot of sculptures, adding a nice contrast to the digital art.


Friday October 7 2005 - Dangerous music

Under the title dangerous music, the sealandic philharmonic orchestra played pieces by Ligeti, Lutoslawski and Schönberg, I had espected some very strange music, but they had put together the programme to show the more accessible side of them, but never the less it was very good. The concert was at the Royal library, called the black diamond and just before the concert they had arranged the most beautiful moonset in the sunset...


Thursday october 6 2005 - Tweak radio, Copenhagen and Missed Concerts

Yesterday I went to Studenterradioen to listen to the Broadcast of Tweak at its source. The show was great, they even played the new track Gravity. Today I am going to copenhagen, Unfortunately it coincides with a probably fantastic triple concert, featuring Sofus Forsberg, Rumpistol and Vektormusik Especially Vektormusik is interesting, they put out one fantastic track after the other at the moment... so go to their webpage and get the free mp3 and ogg files they have up for download.


Wednesday October 5 2005 -

Well I could not find a suitable photo to bring along this entry, so I bring one from Jens Unmack's concert last week at Studenterhuset, to celebrate that I have made the first concert photo gallery since may! The real reason behind this post is to attract attention to which is my mymusic bandsite. The reson that I have made is that it is a logical place to promote your music and get feedback from people that like to listen to new music. Since you need to register to listen, the statistics there are quite good as well... and they have hitlists as well. So go to and listen, download and give feedback, I will really appreciate it, thanks.


Saturday September 16 2005 - Mads & Mads graduating and reggae

Yesterday, Mads and Mads had their final exam where they defended their thesis. It was interesting to see them use their prototype, so congratulations goes out from here. After the exam, we went to listen to reggae at huset... really nice music and a nice night. On our way to Huset, Mads found inspiration on the important things in life and what to do with all you money once you have graduated... unfortunately the MADS license plate is already taken.


Thursday September 8 2005 - New Junkyard 12" spotted

Yesterday I spotted an unknown person (Yngve) on the street with what appears to be the new Junkyard 12"


Monday September 5 2005 - back in Aalborg

Yesterday I got back to Aalborg from Copenhagen, after having spent the week following the wedding meeting friends and at the end top it off with yet another Blue Foundation concert. Monday I went to the bridge over the rails, I have for a long time wanted to shoot some pictures there at night or sunset. As predicted some trains came by and made some nice slow shutter shots possible.


Sunday August 27 2005 - Lau and Trine got married yesterday!

Yesterday my very good friends Lau and Trine got married. The wedding was fantastic a small ceremony was held in the garden since not everyone cold attend the official wedding at the town hall. Claus played guitar, Daniel sang and Martin said some nice words before Lau and Trine gave each other promises. After which we all sang. quite a bit late was the food that was really fantastic and prepared in what you could call old school style over a fire and the pig was roasted in a hole alongside hot rocks. The beer was a chapter all to it self! I can now proudly say that I have tasted Westvleteren! On a previous trip to Holland Lau and Trine had made a side trip to Belgium, where the Westvleteren monastary is... quite an experience.

I can only say congratulations on the marriage and congratulations to Luna with her name

Saturday August 13 2005 - Tweak night

Yesterday another tweak night were held at 1000fryd, It was some time since last time I made visuals for some real Aalborg style techno. so I did visuals yesterday. It was a nice night, as usual the music was exelent and very skillfully mixed. On the photos you can see Jens A doing his thing on decks and laptop. I have been working on a new track for some time now, I made a version of it for Jens to play, and it was a real pleasure to listen to the track being skillfully mixed and played loud!


Friday August 12 2005 - Noise/punk at 1000fryd

Yesterday I went to 1000fryd to listen to My friends Andrew and Mikko play. The did a nice show and the night ended with canadian punk... not excactly my cup of tea but never the less entertaining. Andrew made some really nice noise, very unusually for him, he made a set using only his laptop. Mikko or Pol mod Pol were a girlie due for once... pigeduoen fra Egå featuring Tanja and Mikkorine. not only did these two girls look fantastic, they sounded like nothing else! very nice to see more girls in electronica/noise... we have way too few girls doing this kind of music!


Monday August 1 2005 - Upcode festival

This Saturday, the first upcode festival was held, i spite the bad weather, the event was quite nice.


Tuesday July 26 2005 - Rub a dub

This sunday I visited the sunday club Rub a Dub at stengade. Very good mood indeed and lots of happy and beautyful people. The photo shows RasMoney from Rootsman hifi - probably the best sound system in Denmark!


Sunday July 17 2005 - New poem at

Today I have made some minor updates around the site, take a look around and see if you can spot it.

Not only have I updated this website, I have also uploaded a new photo and poem by Kristoffer at go see for yourself, only it is in danish. I can by the way recommend going by the website of Kristoffer and Thomas project listen to the samples of their music it is really something! I can also recommend buying their new vinyl really amazing. Now that I am shouting out about buying my friends records, go check out kilotons and Danny Kreutzfeldts collaboration rumforskning, fantastic ambient noisescapes that takes you into outer space. You can get it at databloem.


Friday July 15 2005 - Summer

It has been a while since I updated. But the summer time is here, so on this first gray rainy day for a long time, I update with some pictures shot during the past nice weather days. so just to avoid not updating, here is my summer update... maybe more will come.

hmm when looking at the photos, it seems that I am only out shooting pictures at night... that might be right.


Monday june 13. 2005 - gray rainy day

Well once again it has been quite a while since my last update, but as they say, better late than never. the whole weekend has been very gray and raining during the day, then clearing up in the evening and by night we can see the stars. The twilight features some quite fantastic scenery which I naturally has to capute using my camera. This is Nørresundby tonight. it looked almost scary, but beautiful at the same time.


Sunday April 17 2005 - War ships!

Today I went to see the NATO ships in the harbour, they looked quite kewl. I visited a finnish minelayer and a danish intervention ship. The finnish really know how to give the ship the right looks! it was very dark green black camouflage, and when you were onboard you could almost feel the movement of high speed and hear the noises of war! sort of scary. Today I have chosen a photo of a sign that usually mean "stop before you reach this sign otherwise you drive into the harbour" but today it must mean "stop before you reach this sign otherwise you drive into the side of a big german NATO vessel"


Saturday April 16 2005 - Software aesthetics

Wow yesterday I were over at Sunes place where Sune and Danni made wonderful dinner yum yum yum! my very highest regards goes out to them for making such a fantastic dinner. Later on we met Jakob, we agreed to meet today to discuss software aesthetics for an essay he is going to write. It turned out to be a very good discussion where Yngve participated as well, whereafter we went to the harbour to enjoy the nice weather. The harbour was invaded by a fleet of NATO ships, which looked really impressive, tomorrow I am going down there when the ships are open for visit!


Friday April 15 2005 - Elektronisk

This wednesday, I wen't to play as part of SilentBoom and do visuals at Thomas Ahlmarks event at the conservatory here in Aalborg called Elektronisk #2. It was a really nice evening with lots of nice music from Thomas, vektor and Dub Selector Pacman. Thumbs to to everyone, especially Thomas for making this nice event possible!


Monday 28 Marts 2005 2. påskedag - Dansk lyd

Yesterday I went to listen to the Jylland posse that mingled with the København posse to present the current state of the danish electronic scene at Culture box. The Dansk lyd event was part of kill your telly. They had slides projected onto the walls this girl sat in front of one of them. The edge of the image made it look as though she was wearing a veil.


Friday March 18 2005 - Efterklang

Wow yesterday Efterklang played at studenterhuset it was a fantastic concert, wonderful dream like music along with great film. So if you have the chance go experience efterklang!


Thursday March 3 2005 - Sunny but cold

Today the sun came out, and the were only little wind so it was really nice. I went out to shoot a picture of the nice weather and this is what I got. The picture shows the faces of the statue in Kildeparken. It was a quite cold experience even though the sun was out, it is still freezing cold.


February 22 2005 - Danger in the DNBZone

Saturday I vj'ed at culture box, where the old 9000massivecrew is beginning to have their drum and bass events, big up for the initiative and good luck with the coming events. On the picture you can see Vitus spinning his records... he is also managing the website, go check it out!


Friday February 18 2005 - Norwegian noise

How to have a nice time:

1. Go to a nice noise concert
2. Find the norwegian noise band
3. Go to Jomfru Ane Gade


to enjoy norwegian noise, listen to Ryfylke


February 12 2005 - FUKTigt

Wow yesterday features the first part of new tones, a new drum'n'bass events at the studenthouse. As special guest the first night was FUKT Denmarks finest live d'n'b band. It is allways a fantastic experience. The picture shows the drummer Anders sometimes he does thing on those drums that appear to be impossible.. but he does it anyway and he can manage to put on a grin for the photographer! Go visit their webpage and hear a selection of their music.


Thursday February 3 2005 - Fisheye

The other day I met up with Umut at 1000fryd, he had told me that he had a fisheye adaptor so I was immediately interested. I have been searching for somewhere to get one cheap. Umut was very kind to loan it to me so that I can try it out so I will probably go a bit fisheye mad in the coming time. so the first photo shot with the fisheye adaptor is mads(Kiloton), and Matt just arrived from New Zealand to study here, my legs and next to my legs you can see Umuts legs. As it is the adaptor needs to be handheld infront of the lens, it is possible to shoot that way, but it would me nice with an adaptorring from 55mm to 58mm(the front of my lens is 58mm and the fisheye is 55mm) so if you have one lying around that you don't know what to do with, I wouldn't mind looking after it for you;)


January 29 2005 Tweak night

Wow what a great event last night! The Tweak crew really shaked 1000fryd and it was a great pleasure to do visuals. The music was fantastic, the crowd was nice and the champagne was nice and bubbly.


Sunday January 23 2005 - Claus' portrait of Sune

The other day Claus send a portrait of me that he made. I really like it and find this to be a nice chance to shout out for his website:, that includes the blog that inspired med to do this blog. You should also check out his record covers, they include both covers that have been used for actual covers and covers that has not been used as actual covers. The knowledgeble viewer of this website should be able to spot a picture by me, that is also featured somewhere on this website.


Sunday January 9 2005 - Broken rooftoppings

Wow Yesterday a quite windy storm raged Denmark! The police announced that you should not go outdoors... I understand why! Some of the roof across the street has fallen of during the storm and walking through town one wonders it there is still any roofs left.

Even though the storm made people stay indoors, it was not all bad, I got a chance to update the concert galleries wit a lot of new concerts dating back all the way to june, so you have to scroll quite a bit down to find them. I have also made a new visuals section, to let the world know that I am not only shooting stills, I am also doing visuals from time to time. The visual section will be updated with goodies over time.


Tuesday january 4 2005 - Happy new year

I welcome 2005 with one of the nicer photos from 2004 that has not been shown here earlier.

the blog of 2004 is here